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Edimax BR-6104K(p) or Sweex LB000021 as Linux server

Modifying a cheap router to a complete computer, usable as Web-server, Email (SMTP and POP) server, backup-server, etc.


All pictures on this site are made by the author, unless stated otherwise.

Multiplication in any way (paper, electronic, CD-rom enz.) is permitted for non commercial purposes without modifications and with acknowledgement.
For commercial purposes, written permission by the author is required.

For software from external sources, see the licences and copyright on the site describing that software (busybox, linux, amilda, elektuur, sunspot, etc.).

About the actors

During the process of making pictures on this site, the number of people being injured was kept as low as possible.


This site runs on a very efficient computer, consuming only 5 to 10 Watt, including 1 disk.
Yes indeed, that would be a flashed Edimax with a Linux 2.3.31 kernel, a Busybox 1.1.0 toolkit and a specially designed HTTP server.

Meaning of the colours:New or changed text since last visit (see user settings at top of page).
Edimax stands for the BR-6104KP with USB
Sweex means LB000021 and compatibles without USB.
white text is part of a file on disk.
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