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Edimax BR-6104K(p) or Sweex LB000021 as Linux server

Modifying a cheap router to a complete computer, usable as Web-server, Email (SMTP and POP) server, backup-server, etc.

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Login account when working on your Edimax / Sweex project on .
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Top directory where all your projects live, like /usr/develop.
Host-name of your Edimax computer, like edimax_server.
Host-name of the Linux computer you use for development, like linux_pc.
Library-name of the library to put your own modules into, like my_applications.

Meaning of the colours:New or changed text since last visit (see user settings at top of page).
Edimax stands for the BR-6104KP with USB
Sweex means LB000021 and compatibles without USB.
white text is part of a file on disk.
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