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Ready to use software

You can choose a version on this page, and flash it into your if it can do all you want. Otherwise, you have to go for the development.

version 'Jeroen Domburg'

The root filesystem is mounted from /dev/sda1.
Disadvantage: doesn't work without USB disk (note: an unmodified Sweex LB00021 doesn't have an USB connection !).
This version comes with:

AMiLDA / Midge

The flash Rom contains the kernel and most programs.
This version has:

extended AMiLDA / P.v.Geens

This version copies a flash Rom partition into RAM disk to mount it as a filesystem. It costs some memory.
A second flash ROM partition is used to store the /etc directory and some others (crontabs) over a reboot.
It works both with and without a hard disk.
This version has:

The versions are in these folders:

open folder version Jeroen Domburg (Elektor) - Linux 2.4.18
open folder version AMiLDA - Linux 2.4.32

Meaning of the colours:New or changed text since last visit (see user settings at top of page).
Edimax stands for the BR-6104KP with USB
Sweex means LB000021 and compatibles without USB.
white text is part of a file on disk.
For remarks please click Here email: philip@geens.nl