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Modifying a cheap router to a complete computer, usable as Web-server, Email (SMTP and POP) server, backup-server, etc.

Existing software (Jeroen Domburg / Elektor or the AMiLDA version) can just be written into the Edimax flash ROM. No configuration or compilation needed.
On the other hand: the abilities of those machines may not be exactly conform your wishes. See chapter 'Ready to use software'.

However, if you want to modify the software for your own purposes, go for the chapter 'build your own'.

open folder Ready to use software
open folder Build your own software

Programming Flash ROM via HTTP

In the system maintenance part you can find an option like 'upgrade'. It will check if files are in the correct format, but it is possible to upload a file that makes the Edimax not responding anymore.

If the flash-ROM cannot be configured by HTTP (anymore), there is always ...

Programming Flash ROM via RS232

If you cannot program the flash-ROM using HTTP (anymore), you have to use the RS232 port.
First you have to build a RS232 interface, then connect it to the COM: port of your PC.
Please find the original flash-ROM of Edimax and Sweex here on my site, or at the manufacturers.

Use Hyperterm on your PC to see what's going on in the Edimax during boot.

Edimaxdon't care@gogolinux
Jeroen-Domburgrootno password (just press 'Enter')

During boot you have to press the space-bar 3 times to enter the Flash-programming menu: , and you get the choices:

ADM5120 Boot: press sepace-bar 3 times
	a) Download vmlinuz to flash
	b) Download vmlinuz to sdram
	c) exit.
Use option a) to write another kernel. Upload the file with Xmodem.

This may fail in the following situations:

Meaning of the colours:New or changed text since last visit (see user settings at top of page).
Edimax stands for the BR-6104KP with USB
Sweex means LB000021 and compatibles without USB.
white text is part of a file on disk.
For remarks please click Here email: philip@geens.nl