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New hardware

The hardware can be patched in several independant parts. Each part is described in a separate chapter.

The chapter 'Electronics' describes voltages and buffering of the ports on an elementary level, just to understand the possibilities and the other chapters.

Internal hardware

The following chapters describe the modifications that can be performed inside the Edimax.

open folder Electronics for in- and output (General)
open folder Serial (RS232)
open folder USB 1.1
open folder GPIO (bitwise I/O)
open folder JTAG

External hardware

De following chapters describe possible hardware expansions to be performed outside the Edimax.
However: some external hardware can depend on some internal hardware.

open folder i2c - PCF8574 (8 bit paralell I/O)
open folder Remote Lichtswitch

Meaning of the colours:New or changed text since last visit (see user settings at top of page).
Edimax stands for the BR-6104KP with USB
Sweex means LB000021 and compatibles without USB.
white text is part of a file on disk.
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